Property in Cyprus

Real estate in Cyprus attracts its buyers with picturesque surrounding nature, soft climate and tranquility of leisure. Life in the country is safe and of high quality; besides, it has always been a sign of prestige to own immovable property in Cyprus.

Throughout the whole year there is warm and sunny weather on the island and the sea is clean and clear. Olive wood, pine forests, mountain landscapes in the heart of the island and comfortable beaches create unique conditions for living and leisure.

Popularity of Cyprus among Russian buyers increases also due to well-developed infrastructure for leisure and residence. Numerous foreign (including Russian) schools and kindergartens, various activities for children and adults provide interesting and useful amusement for guests and new residents of the island.  

Cyprus is a perfect place for business. Due to the possibility of opening off-shore companies, success and security are guaranteed for your business. Moreover, low income tax rate of 10% provides high profitability for the companies registered in Cyprus.