Property in Croatia

Croatia is not only famous for its exceptional nature, long beaches of Adriatic Sea and well-developed infrastructure, but also is attracts more attention of foreign investors. In view of the forthcoming inclusion into the European Union, Croatian real estate became one of the main sources of investments attraction from abroad.    

Resorts of the Adriatic Sea have already been popular among our compatriots in the times of Yugoslavia due to developed tourism, beautiful and comfortable beaches, amazing sea and variety of historical and cultural monuments. Similarity of languages and Slavonic mentality are another reasons of popularity of immovable properties in Croatia among Russians. However, despite of the closeness of its neighbor Montenegro, Croatia is a very European-minded country; that is why, when we come here for vacations or to stay longer, we are nicely surprised by good service and quality of living. 

Larger investors and individuals are attracted in Croatia, in its turn, by well-developed tourist infrastructure. Here a wide field of action is opened for activities connected to hotel business and construction of commercial properties. Profitability of these properties is much higher than in case of investments into similar enterprises in a number of European countries, as Croatia continues to develop. It is worth to consider advantages of joining the European Union, bringing further development of the country’ infrastructure and attraction of European investments.