Residence permit in Andorra

Our Agency assists in obtaining residence permit in Andorra, which is guaranteed in case of investments in the country economy.

To obtain residence permit it is essential to prove financial soundness through making a bank deposit equal to three annual minimal wages, which would be around 34 000 Euros for the main applicant. In case of a family, this amount should be increased by about 10 000 Euros per each family member.

Additionally, a deposit of 50 000 Euros must be allocated in the National Financial Institute of Andorra (INAF), which is returned after the applicant stops being a resident of the country. Each member of the family adds another 10 000 Euros.

After submitting a number of necessary documents and receiving official permission, an investment of 400 000 Euros should be made within one month. The funds can be invested in immovable properties, financial assets or INAF deposit (in this case it considers the previous amount and makes 350 000 Euros).

The resident must spend 90 days a year in Andorra.

Necessary documents:
-Original and a copy of a passport
-certificate of conviction,
- 1 photo
- certificate of marriage
-A copy and original of signed contract on renting property or on property ownership
- Proof of availability of assets
-Order to stay in Andorra for at least 90 days during year.
- Medical insurance

Medical examination is required.

如果您投资在安道尔,我们的公司可以帮您取得安道尔居住证。需要34000欧元的存款,其他家人每一个人再加10 000欧元。除了次意外还需要存50 000欧元在安道尔财务机构INAF(其他家人每一个再加10 000欧元),如果你失去居住证这笔钱退还给您。
首先要准备一些文件去申请,得到许可证后一个月内要投资400 000 欧元。您可以投资房地产,金融资产或INAF存款(在这个请款下包括之前的50 000欧元存款350 000 欧元)。一年内居民应留在安道尔不少于90 天。